Event NameTour Ejecutivo 21/22
Event Creation Date2021-10-27
Event Publish Date2021-11-01
Event TextEn noviembre te traemos nuestro nuevo Tour Ejecutivo, donde podrás vivir la experiencia de estar al mando de uno de nuestros aviones, participando en las diferentes operaciones. Servicio de Aero-ambulancia, vuelos V. I. P, recorriendo diferentes lugares de España, como famosas y únicas ciudades de Europa. Rules for this tour are following:

- All aircrafts of EXU VA fleet are permitted.
- All legs without exception must to be flown as charter flight and reported to Executive staff by SIMACARS.
- All legs without exceptions will be reported to IVAO VA sistem.
- Pilots must find a valid route. DCT from origin to destination won´t be accepted.
- All legs will be flown as IFR and I as rules of FPL with the exceptions of:
   • If we arrive to a VFR airport the FPL will be filled as Y and last IFR waypoint will have to be as close as possible to the destination airport.
   • If we depart from a VFR airport the FPL will be filled as Z and first IFR waypoint will have to be as close as the origin airport.
- RMK/TOUR 2021Executivo VA must be filled on FPL item 18.
- All flight online airport briefing for the real life. It´s no mandatory to do it but I recommend it.
- Maximum 2 legs per day
- Maximum 15 days between legs
- 1 hour of minimum time between legs
- In order to fly this tour, you will need to have charts onboard. It will be part of your flight preparation to search and find the necessary charts to complete a leg   successfully.
-The maximum cruise level is FL490.
-Maximum speed is M0.85

Noncompliance with these rules will result in your leg being rejected!