Event NameDJ Tour Executive VA
Event Creation Date2021-04-06
Event Publish Date2021-11-01
Event Text

Hi all Gentelmen……. Summer is coming and, as everybody knows, summer disco parties will begin soon. Best European Discos (mainly Ibiza´s Discos) fights to have the best DJ´s in his parties and the DJ´s salaries per session is very very high. That permits DJ´s to book private aircrafts in order to comply with their huge schedule. This tour tries to looks as much as possible to a real DJ tour from first days on June untill September. Don´t worry guys, you don´t have to do all legs in 3 months.

Rules for this tour are following:

- All aircrafts of EXU VA fleet are permitted.
- All legs without exception must to be flown as charter flight and reported to Executive staff by SIMACARS.
- All legs without exceptions will be reported to IVAO VA sistem.
- Pilots must find a valid route. DCT from origin to destination won´t be accepted.
- All legs will be flown as IFR and I as rules of FPL with the exceptions of:
   • If we arrive to a VFR airport the FPL will be filled as Y and last IFR waypoint will have to be as close as possible to the destination airport.
   • If we depart from a VFR airport the FPL will be filled as Z and first IFR waypoint will have to be as close as the origin airport.
- RMK/DJ TOUR 2021 EXU VA must be filled on FPL item 18.
- Lugano, Sion, Samedan, Cambery requires an online airport briefing for the real life. It´s no mandatory to do it but I recommend it.
- Maximum 3 legs per day
- Maximum 15 days between legs
- 1 hour of minimum time between legs
- In order to fly this tour, you will need to have charts onboard. It will be part of your flight preparation to search and find the necessary charts to complete a leg   successfully.
-The maximum cruise level is FL490.
-Maximum speed is M0.85

Noncompliance with these rules will result in your leg being rejected!